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[Robotics Engineering] DGIST Faculty Positions in the second half of 2020
Sphere Robotics Engineering
• AI theories and AI for robotics: AI algorithm, deep learning, machine learning, motion planning, robot vision, intelligent control and other related topics
• Autonomous vehicle technology: computer vision, SLAM, vehicle control, intelligent transportation system and other related research topics
• General robotics: cooperative robot, industrial robot, humanoid, surgery / rehabilitation robot, exoskeleton, mobile robot and other related research topics
• All areas in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering related to robotics for exceptional candidates
Position professor Expiry date 2020.09.15 ~ 2020.10.05
E-mail faculty@dgist.ac.kr    
(Office or Home)
053 - 785 - 5113 Fax 053 - 785 - 5119
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