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  • Title :How To Apply for the DGIST Faculty Position
  • Writer :dgist
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Click the "Recruitment" on the main page.

Find the Accepting "Fields of Recruitment". Click one "Filed of Recruitment" which you would like to apply.

Look into the Recruitment Information on the page.

Click the "Apply" on the left, then fill your name and e-mail address to login.


Open the "Title of the notice of employment" on the "Recruitment Notice" and Select your title. And, write your "Speciality Within Major".


Enter your passport twice and click "Save".


Fill your "Personal Information" in, and attach your "Application Files". Click "Save".
Fill your "Educational Background" and "Place of Employment" Click "Confirm".


Check all your information and application materials are fine. Please remember your Registration Number and Password.


Find your application on "Modify", but remember that you cannot change any of data. Please contact to us (faculty@dgist.ac.kr), if you have any inquiries.